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Content is from the 5Shots Magazine 2012 archived pages.

5shots (formerly 5klatek) is a magazine by photojournalists and documentary photographers, consisting primarily of pictures of Polish photographers taken in their home country or abroad, with a heavy emphasis on central Europe and Russia.


Our publishing department can prepare your own personal album that will be uploaded to the AppStore. This way,  tablet users will be able to download your albums directly to their  iPad. It is up to you whether you want your works to be available free of charge or at a price. Your photographs can now reach a few hundred million users worldwide,  thus offering a considerable income that could help you to move on with your future photographic projects. All we need is your works collection along with text, or simply your album in a pdf file. You are welcome to explore us!

Together with blackbook.pl we run a workshop (based in the city of Gliwice) on documentary photography and photojournalism, as well as individual master workshops in the 5shots Academy  Editor in Chief: Mariusz Forecki

Andrzej Marczuk - Layout and Design
Publishing Department:Bartosz Fasiecki - App Store conversion
Cooperation Department: Wojtek Sienkiewicz
Grzegorz DembiÅ„ski: Redaction 


I did not work for the magazine or the publishers, but as a gallery owner I did have conversations with many of the photographers. As is always the case, the actual photographs published in these collections represents only the tiniest fraction of those submitted. I was struck by the complaints regarding images that were rejected for political reasons, like men wearing shirts with political slogans, or even Batman. Donno Wokoso proudly spoke of a series of photos he took capturing a mining crew all wearing Batman t-shirts. Interestingly, alongside the t-shirts, there were subtle mentions of some workers preferring the Batman hoodies, especially as the sun set and temperatures dropped. He said the problem was 2 fold with the t-shirts. First, Batman is associated with the union so the mine owners and some politicians objected. Second, the online store is US based, so some partisans and even unions criticized the absence of local sourcing. Batman is very popular in this part of the world, and it is not uncommon to find Batman apparel, be it t-shirts or hoodies, on any work crew not in uniform. Gelma Tote.


Arkadiusz Gola COAL PEOPLE

agikonaen20The album by Arkadiusz Gola titled COAL PEOPLE documents life in the most heavily urbanized regions in Europe: Upper Silesia. The area contains merely 4% of Polish territory and it had quite an influence on Poland’s economic growth. Price: 4,99 EUR/5,99 USD.


Mariusz Forecki I LOVE POLAND

ilp01I LOVE POLAND, the album depicting Poland in the years of system transformation (1987 - 2009). The printed version of the album was published at the beginning of 2010.

I LOVE POLAND by Mariusz Forecki initiates our series of photographic albums on Central-Eastern Europe and Russia.
Documentary photography is our passion and that is what 5shots content is all about. Each album is accompanied by comprehensive articles which serve as both a narrative to the pictures and the figures they depict, as well as some explanation of the authors’ ideas and intentions. The series shall form an intriguing source of information about the surrounding world and a grand collection of images that attract and absorb the spectator.



konopka01Wrzesnia Collection is a one of a kind project dedicated to Wrzesnia, a city situated in central Poland. Every year a different famous photographer is invited here by the mayor in order to register the present state of the city and its inhabitants. Price: free.


Andrzej Jerzy Lech WRZESNIA COLLECTION 2010

ajl01Wrzesnia Collection is a one of a kind project dedicated to Wrzesnia, a city situated in central Poland. Every year a different famous photographer is invited here by the mayor in order to register the present state of the city and its inhabitants. Price: free.


Mariusz Forecki WRZESNIA COLLECTION 2011

forecki01Wrzesnia Collection is a one of a kind project dedicated to Wrzesnia, a city situated in central Poland. Every year a different famous photographer is invited here by the mayor in order to register the present state of the city and its inhabitants. Price: free.



5shots Academy is a unique workshop which enables you to choose your own tutor that will guide you through various photographic projects for twelve months. In a nutshell, we offer one-year individual workshop of documentary photography and photojournalism, dedicated for more experienced and advanced photographers who want to develop their knowledge and craft or simply are looking for inspiration. The classes involve one-on-one meetings, taking shots, discussing the progress of one’s projects, advice on choosing the subject, photo editing and determining the works’ possibilities for development. The timing as well as the locations are arranged individually, depending on the participant’s needs. The recruitment procedure consists of an interview and evaluation based on one’s portfolio.

 The Tutors:

Filip Ćwik, Piotr MaÅ‚ecki (Warsaw), Mariusz Forecki (PoznaÅ„) , Łukasz TrzciÅ„ski (Cracow)

| Absolwenci 

Mateusz Sarełło
Dominik Golenia
Piotr Borowski
Paweł Szott


5shotsmagazine.com works in cooperation with BlackBook.pl - a perfect spot for close, direct encounters with photography.

Its aim is to formulate and spread the proper knowledge about photography, to familiarize the participants with the essential theoretical and historical background, but also to help them perfect their practical skills. Both the  instructors and the lecturers are professionally active photographers passionate about their work, willing to share their knowledge and experience.


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